Thursday, May 20, 2010

Savvy Savannah

Earlier today, I was thinking about Savannah, a bunny I fostered a few times for the Red Door. Sav was the most beautiful bunny I've ever seen (shh, don't tell my crew), and also a real spitfire.

She could go from doing her precious "Blanket Monster" imitation...

To showing her stuffed guinea pig, Humpalump, who was boss.

Sav's Humpalump, by the way, was $1.99 at IKEA. She loved it, and it actually played a pivotal role in her bonding sessions with her husbun, Bun.

I miss little Sav. She loved to bite, grunt, circle and charm the pants off anyone who met her.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ballsy Bunnies

I can't decide if my rabbits are astoundingly daring or simply have no idea of which link nature assigned them on the food chain.

Shortly after adopting Fitzi, I adopted a ridiculously large cat named Gatsby. He was quite enamored by Fitzi, and one day decided to try expressing it by, ahem, mounting her. He had at least a 15-pound advantage over her, but Fitzi reared back, bared her teeth and slapped Gatsby across the face with her claws. He let out a frightened "MROW!" and darted under the chair. I felt bad for Gat, but I have to admit that the proud mama part of me thought Good girl, Fitzi! Don't you take that nonsense from a man! For the rest of their time together, Gatsby continued to admire Fitzi...from a distance.

Fast-forward to last week. I was cat-sitting for my friend Vanessa. Kaitlyn stayed with me for two weeks and is, as far as I can tell, one of the most perfect cats on the planet. I dubbed her "Velcro Cat" for her affinity for staying by my side at all times.

Alex took a shine to Velcro Cat. While Fitzi and Hemingway have each other for companionship, poor little Alex flies solo. For the two weeks Velcro Cat was here, Alex had found her soul the form of a furball that she could boss around. While Velcro Cat was intrigued by Alex, she was also terrified of her. Alex figured this out early on and and for two weeks enjoyed lunging at Velcro Cat, chasing her throughout the apartment and generally being world's tiniest bully. Keep in mind that Alex is about a third the size of Velcro Cat. Needless to say, Alex has been peeved at me since Velcro Cat went back to Vanessa's house.

I don't know where they get the cajones, but my bunrabs have repeatedly shown me that you're every bit as big as you believe you are.